The impact of in-store music.

As thought leaders in in-store music research we educate the world about the impact of music.


Soundtrack Science.

Since 2013, Soundtrack Your Brand has been keeping customers up to date with the latest scientific research on music in commercial settings.

Collaborating with a network of renowned academic institutions and leading brands around the world, we garner unmatched insights that help our clients and partners reach excellence.

The Impact of Music in Restaurants

A great soundtrack can enhance a restaurant experience, make guests stay longer and spend more. Do you think the music you hear in a restaurant matters?

What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

A new study from the Stockholm School of Economics shows that background music that fits the brand can boost store sales by over 30%. Do you know how your brand sounds?

The Influence of Music on Consumer Behaviour

Researchers have long known that music can influence consumers’ experience and behavior. Here we provide an overview of previous research and summarize the results.

Meet the research team.

We seek to guide companies to understand the emotional power of music as a way to create powerful brand experiences reaching beyond the store through a systematic, repeatable approach.

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